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Work Smart

Having a Website, Blog, Sales Funnel or Lead Page is a Great idea to Grow Your Business…  
You might had invested a lot on them.
BUT without Proper Customer Retention & Conversion they are nothing!
If your customers are Leaving Your Offer without taking any Action, It is NOT Your Fault…
You are Just missing something that can Act on Right Time and Seal the DEAL.

Online Marketers having edge on above Core issues are going to Get Huge Benefit in Business over their Competitors!

Sounds Great! BUT you need to do Hard Work to Achieve these Goals…

Why I need VidPopups ?

VidPopups is a conversion optimization tool; therefore, it is suitable for...

And all medium-scale and smallscale companies. 100% GDPR Compliant 🏆

Let me explain it differently.

If your business goals include growing an email list, increasing phone calls, designing a website that is compliant with cookie laws, collecting form submissions, promoting your products, and showing notifications, you definitely need VidPopus conversion-driven popups on your website.

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What is VidPopups?

A User’s Behavior Based Conversion Tool that interacts with your visitors to make them customers.

Vidpopups is the Only Popup that Acts based on the Behavior of the Visitors and they eventually Love it!

This is Total Game Of...

12 Few Seconds to Convert Visitors to Customer!

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Flawless Integration Opportunities

Integrate with Autoresponders, URLs or anything that you want as
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Yes, VidPopups Operates With ALL Autoresponders

Watch How VidPopups going to change Your Lean

Marketing to Advance Behavior Based Marketing


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Cyril Jeet
CEO, Teknikforce

Free Udemy Course

YouTube marketing is an exciting opportunity and the new content playing field that has made many people millionaires. People have been earning from YouTube through Adsense, promoting offers, and by diverting traffic to their own website. 

This is a very comprehensive course on producing and ranking videos on YouTube that will teach you everything you need to create a YouTube channel that gets free traffic from YouTube through rankings on #1 page of YouTube and Google. 

This course has over 40 training videos touching every aspect of YouTube video promotions to help you become a true video SEO master. 

The course is divided into 8 chapters with each chapter targeting a particular topic. 

If you’re an SEO professional, a website owner, or a content marketer, you need this course to make sure your videos get the best rank they can and bring you the maximum amount of traffic possible. 

This is also a great course for beginners who have recently started their YouTube channel or are looking to start a YouTube channel and make money from it. 

learn about all the tools and techniques that help you in ranking and growing your YouTube channel.

Course content

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Soci Video Gamer

The brandable HTML5 Social Video Puzzle is an interactive YouTube video puzzle game with social network share. It splits the video into several pieces, shuffles them and the user has to put them back into the correct order to claim your special offer. This script can be used for creating a “buffer” page for social media marketing or engaging landing page to convert visitors. Truly the easiest and most effective way to increase engagement and conversions!

Vid Survey

This is a mobile-based application for gathering information about products which are launched in the market. The gathered information can be used for business and research purposes.

Respondents can answer the questionnaire according to their own pace and preferences. The questionnaire will be answered through video and uploaded to a server.

Points will be generated for the complete review’s and updated in their profile.

Vid Survey is a sophisticated tool that provides the enriched solution to get reviews to products/services via video survey/review. Using Vid survey, you can give 24/7 support to your customer without any difficulties. This is a process of gathering information and analyzing the results from the audience over the network.


This is a powerful sticky responsive video / audio player that can be added at the top or bottom of the page in a fixed position over the page content, it can be installed in any type of web page, it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Windows mobile or desktop and it can play local video or audio, streaming video or audio from a server, Youtube videosor Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 / mp3 format (the best and most used format on the web) and it will work on mobile devices or desktop machines no matter which browser is used. Packed with a huge amount of features like responsive layout, multiple instances manager, flexible skin, HTTP Live Streaming / HLS / m3u8 video support, 360 degree video / virtual reality / VR, share window, cuepoints, multiple subtitles, video quality selector, subtitle selector, video annotations etc, it makes it the best and most flexible and complete stikcy video and audio player available on sale.

Vidbuilder (Video Sales Page Funnel Builder)

This is a WP page builder plugin to create video sales pages. Build a responsive video sales page and manage your content easily with intuitive Builder editor. No programming knowledge required – Create video sales pages for your products that load 85% faster than traditional wordpress pages. It is compatible with any active WordPress Theme. It supports Youtube, Vimeo and MP4 Videos.

PressPlay (Ultimate Video Player)

This is a powerful responsive video / audio player that can play local video (mp4) / audio (mp3), streaming videos or audios from a server, Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 / mp3 format (the best and most used formats on the web) and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used, this is made possible by incorporating multiple video engines in an really smart way inside the video player logic. Ultimate Video Player supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos

Plus More Powerful Bonuses From Teknikforce

Video Jeet

A revolutionary auto blogging and video curation software that helps you curate video blogs on WordPress or Blogger. Drives free organic traffic and designs for you a money making vedio blog.

Video Joiner

Video Joiner is a brand new software that lets you integrate videos seamlessly. Just select the videos you want to integrate and follow the simple steps to integrate the videos.

Video Spinner

Video Spinner is an awesome tool that lets you upload the same video again and again. It prevents your video from being recognised as a duplicate video by YouTube. It replaces some frames within the video while maintaining the audio. Thus technically you have an all new video but the content remains the same.

Tube Inspector

The best software resource to find the most effective keywords for your video and Pay per click campaigns.

WP Optin Jeet

Build a list easily by creating forms that you can embed anywhere and get people to sign up. You can export the list from Optin Jeet and take it anywhere.

WP YT-Blogger

Attract a ton of new traffic to your blog by using YouTube videos to create your organic marketing growth strategy.

WP InstaEditor

This super utility plugin allows you to make as many pages or posts that you want to be inline-editable. Get a distraction free, reload-less, instantaneous text editing experience with this plugin.

With InstaEditor you can directly edit the text content of your WordPress powered website on the frontend itself!

Get Any OTO Upgrade To Get These Special Bonuses

Tube Reaper Jeet

Tube Reaper Jeet gets you both broad and specific search for an unlimited resource of long tail video keywords. Sources thousands of video keywords in a minute.

Vidwords Jeet

This unique tool finds you all the keywords you could want in your niche, and also helps you discover untapped niches and segments that you can capitalize on to get more and more viewers and make videos that really explode!

Vidwords finds its keywords from a special source, so you’re sure to get a number of untrapped, fresh keywords that nobody else has sucked dry yet!

Youtube Tags Finder

Find what tags any video is using on YouTube. Target the tags of popular videos and take advantage of research done by leading channels.

Quick Tube Checker

Find the best tags for any niche, and keep track of YouTube rank and video trends with this powerful software.

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