Immediately Boost Your ROI & Save Thousands In Ad Spend Exploiting a Loophole Within Facebook’s Retargeting System...

Thousands Of Businesses Are Paying Facebook To Show Ads To Accidental & Uninterested Audiences

It’s said that in order to get someone to buy from you they need to see your product on average 7 times. 

That’s why retargeting is the BEST form of advertising.

Retargeting follows your website visitors around the internet until they purchase from you. 

This easily increases the amount of sales you make from your website.

The problem is:

Whenever you use retargeting over Facebook, Facebook forces you to advertise to all of your website visitors. 

So you pay Facebook to advertise to every visitor including accidental and uninterested visitors who came to your website once and left immediately.

This leads to you paying significantly higher prices for retargeting website visitors, getting significantly lower clickthrough rates on your ads and it’s more difficult to profit. 

The fact is: Businesses are unknowingly flushing millions of dollars down the drain every single day because they are advertising to people who will never buy from them.

Upgrade Your Retargeting With a Simple Line Of Code

Whenever you want to retarget website visitors over Facebook, you paste in a code from Facebook onto your website.

This code is called a ‘Facebook Pixel’ and it triggers as soon as someone visits your website. It looks like this:

Facebook then adds that visitor to your ‘retargeting list’ inside of Facebook

You (and every other Facebook advertiser) are then forced to advertise to 100% of your website visitors. You don’t have a choice. You are stuck paying money to advertise to everyone. You are paying money to advertise to accidental and even uninterested website visitors. 

Why? Because Facebook prevents you from identifying your hottest prospects.You are always going to be paying to advertise to visitors who aren’t interested in buying if you are using regular Facebook retargeting.

The only way to solve this problem is by first identifying what level of interest your website visitors have before they are added to your Facebook retargeting list. This way you only advertise to visitors who are likely to buy.

Save Time, Money & Only Pay To Advertise To Your Hottest Website Visitors.

Using the latest technology you can now see exactly who is visiting your website, how long they stay, what website they have been referred from, the number of times they’ve visited your website, their geo-location, what device they are using and more. 

When a visitor who is interested in your product visits your website, you can use this information to flag them based on their behavior.

You can use this behavior to set off a ‘Virtual Trip Wire’ that identifies hot prospects who visit your website that you want to ‘retarget’.

Take Back Control With Retargeting 2.0

This behavioral ‘trip wire’ combined with retargeting is the most efficient way of advertising ever developed.

Now you are back in control. Your visitors never get added to your retargeting list inside of Facebook unless they set off a ‘trip wire’ based on their behavior.

You’re only ever advertising to your hottest prospects. 

You never waste money advertising to them.

Other ‘Accidental or uninterested’ visitors never get added to your retargeting campaigns.

Spend Less On Ads And Make More Money

Now because you are only advertising to the hottest prospects. 

You save money on ads. Facebook’s algorithm identifies your ads as being of more interest to their users. 

Your ads are shown more frequently. Facebook sees a much higher amount of people are clicking on your ads.

You achieve a higher ROI. You only ever spend money to reach prospects you’ve already identified as HOT prospects.

In short: You Immediately eliminate the problem of paying money to Facebook to advertise to accidental & uninterested visitors inside of your retargeting campaigns. 

Introducing: Retarget by AdSightPro — The Most efficient targeting system ever developed

Regular Retargeting:

Retarget by AdSightPro:

Works in 4 Easy Steps:

Login to the software

Choose what visitors you want to ‘retarget’

Paste in a piece of code

Automatically send the hottest audiences to Facebook to advertise to

Within minutes you can transform your retargeting campaigns. 

With one line of code you can save thousands of dollars on your Facebook advertising

With one software you can upgrade your Retargeting to 2.0 and generate a better ROI from every Facebook Retargeting campaign.

The Very Best Way To Target Your Visitors That Has Ever Been Developed:

When you login to the software connect your Facebook account then choose your ‘retargeting list’. 

When you add the code we provide you to your website you immediately benefit from our behavioural collection system. 

Automatically our software works behind the scenes completely ‘in silence’. 

It automatically identifies who your visitor is, how long they stay on your website, whether they scroll or not, their language, device and more…

…then it automatically sets ‘trip wires’ so when a prospect’s activity triggers the ‘trip wire’ Facebook is sent their information and the visitor is immediately added to your retargeting list.

Set ‘Trip Wires’ & Increase Profits Immediately Using Retargeting 2.0:

The best part about this system is that you can set ‘trip wires’ for almost anything!

It’s been made super easy to do as well. 

Once you’ve added our code to your website you can then lay your trip wire.

Simply select from the settings within our dropdown and choose what behaviors are going to trigger it.

You can choose from:

Time on site

Track how long visitors stay on your website. Exclude and remove visitors who ‘bounce’ or ‘accidentally’ visit your website. Choose to advertise to visitors who stay longer.

Whether or not a visitor scrolls on your website

Track your visitor as they scroll through your website. Exclude visitors who don’t scroll. Advertise to visitors who scroll.


Retarget visitors who speak your language. Remove visitors who don’t speak that language from your retargeting list. Never again advertise to visitors who don’t speak the right language.

Referral Source

Adjust your advertising campaigns based on a visitors previous destination. Personalize your ads based on the previous website you know a visitor has visited.

Number of visits

Advertise to people who have visited your website more than once. Offer coupons, special offers or discounts to increase conversion rates. Using this key indicator immediately improves and laser targets your advertising

Date of visit

Target visitors based on the date they visited. Use scarcity and time sensitive promotions to better sell to your ‘retargeted visitors’.

Visiting Device

Advertise to people who visited your website from a specific device. Refine your advertising based on the device your customers typically buy from.

Campaign Specific Advertising

Retarget visitors based on other campaigns 

Advertise to visitors who have gone through a specific marketing campaign. Target your advertising specifically towards that campaign with retargeting

Profit Using Retarget by AdSightPro To Help Businesses With A Full Commercial Rights License

Businesses are spending thousands of dollars on retargeting. They are retargeting EVERYONE. Both accidental and uninterested visitors. 

Businesses are spending tens of thousands of dollars because Facebook doesn’t give them any other option if they want to reach their retargeting audiences.

You can offer a better solution. You can use Retarget by AdSightPro to manage their retargeting campaigns. You can either sell them ‘Trip Wire’ campaigns you create for their business or you can manage their campaigns for them. Get paid thousands per month for management or charge hundreds of dollars for every ‘trip wire’ campaign you sell. This is all possible because with Retarget by AdSightPro you’re getting commercial rights.

Easy To Use Intuitive Interface

Connect your campaign to Facebook with 3 easy steps. Within 2 minutes your campaign can be setup and Ready, saving you money and generating a better ROI.

Simply connect to Facebook, Select your ad account & name your ‘tripwire’ audience.

Unlock Incredible Behavioral Data On Your Audience

Our in-house system immediately identifies who your visitor is and tracks everything that they do on your website. We can identify key behavioral indicators that help us to build a profile on your visitor. Because we can capture this data so accurately you’re able to pick and choose exactly who you want to retarget.

Dig Deeper Into Your Retargeting Audiences

Retargeting Layers’ help you to get even more specific with who you retarget. For example you can now target visitors who both stayed on your website for 5 minutes or more who also speak english. Or target visitors who scrolled that visited from a mobile device. The possibilities are endless. Increase your ROI even more with this feature

Further Refine Your Campaigns Based On Specific Products & Pages

Target specific products & pages. Choose the exact URL you want to use for your retargeting. Remove anyone from your retargeting list who visited your website but didn’t specifically visit a particular product or page. This is perfect for sales funnels if you want to ‘retarget’ a visitor with a particular upgrade. Alternatively you can use this for an ecommerce website that has lots of products but you only want to advertise one of the products to your visitor.

Simply Copy & Paste A Line Of Code To Activate

Copy and then paste this simple line of code into your website. Instantly activate ‘visitor tracking’ on your website and ensure you can specifically ‘retarget’ hot prospects. This code works behind the scenes collecting data about your visitors. Then choose based on your settings which visitors get sent to your retargeting list inside of Facebook and watch as your conversions Sky Rocket

No Limits! Create An Unlimited Amount Of Campaigns. Use Retarget by AdSightPro for all of your client sites, ecommerce stores or websites:

As part of this founders special you can use Retarget with an unlimited amount of websites or client campaigns. Set this up on any website of your choice and immediately cash-in advertising to your hottest prospects. Removing accidental and uninterested visitors from your or your clients retargeting lists. There are no limits with this special ‘founder’ deal.

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